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It was a great show in 2018. Thanks to all the volunteer power and amazing fans that make this one of the best fiber festivals in the U.S. Keep checking https://sheepandwool.com/schedule/  for the latest Festival Schedule. When our 2019 sched is ready, it’ll be there (check the dates). See you again in October!
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Meghan Fernandes

Pom Pom Quarterly
Co-Founder, Editor, Designer
Meghan Fernandes is co-founder and editor at Pom Pom Quarterly. She is a former American transplant to London, where she lived for a decade. Now back in her native land, she is at the helm of Pom Pom in North America. While in London she wrote her MA dissertation on knitting in 20th century women's literature and worked for a publisher, a gallery, and a knitting shop, leaving her with a random but particular set of skills that could really only lead to running a knitting magazine. Her favourite things about running a knitting magazine include photo shoots, testing out the cocktail recipes, and getting yarn in the mail.

My Authors Sessions

Saturday, October 20

9:00am EDT

Pom Pom Magazine | New issue + new books AND previous issues + previous books! ALL DAY! Bldg BMeghan Fernandes • Emily Foden • Norah Gaughan • Lydia Gluck

Sunday, October 21

9:00am EDT