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It was a great show in 2018. Thanks to all the volunteer power and amazing fans that make this one of the best fiber festivals in the U.S. Keep checking https://sheepandwool.com/schedule/  for the latest Festival Schedule. When our 2019 sched is ready, it’ll be there (check the dates). See you again in October!
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Maude White

Maude White is an extraordinary artist.  In her words, "I believe very strongly that art can heal, both emotionally and physically. I believe that art can be a gentle conduit, a precious, living thing that can enter both creator and viewer and thereby extend them and connect them, making both feel larger and more beloved.
I want to spread love and kindness in the world and I hope to do so through my work. I hope to encourage in the viewer emotional and mental associations with a distant or imaginary past that bring feelings of safety and peace. It is very important to me that my work should help people and should provide them with a safe space, even if that safe space is only an imaginary place they are transported to. My work is created with love for the primary purpose of sharing love and encouraging love between others."