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It was a great show in 2018. Thanks to all the volunteer power and amazing fans that make this one of the best fiber festivals in the U.S. Keep checking https://sheepandwool.com/schedule/  for the latest Festival Schedule. When our 2019 sched is ready, it’ll be there (check the dates). See you again in October!
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Alice O'Reilly

Alice O'Reilly is the founder and head dyer at Backyard Fiberworks.
I decided to call it Backyard Fiberworks because my color inspiration is pulled out of the backyard. I find inspiration everywhere really but there is nothing like going with instinct. Color theory is great, I did Art History in undergrad and fully appreciate it, but for me it's much more about Color Practice. What do I want to knit with? How do colors play together? I still get excited about the color recipes I have been making for years. That to me is Color Practice - living with it and I find it continually inspiring.

In the book I Knit New York, published by One More Row Press yarns for all patterns provided by Backyard Fiberworks.  Alice O’Reilly, the dyer behind Backyard Fiberworks, contributes an essay on color theory plus a guide to the various yarns used in I Knit New York.