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It was a great show in 2018. Thanks to all the volunteer power and amazing fans that make this one of the best fiber festivals in the U.S. Keep checking https://sheepandwool.com/schedule/  for the latest Festival Schedule. When our 2019 sched is ready, it’ll be there (check the dates). See you again in October!
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Point of View Farm Finnsheep
Owner & Shepherds
A small family owned and operated farm right outside Rhinebeck, New York specializing in self-raised Finnsheep. We showcase naturally pasture raised FINNSHEEP products from our farm. We will be offering raw fleece, dyed locks, wool roving (both natural and hand dyed). We have natural colored and hand dyed sock, fingering and worsted weight finnsheep yarns, finnsheep coned yarns for weavers, dryer balls, finnsheep wool filled comforters and pillows. We also have shearling finnsheep sheepskins (machine washable), lambskins, finnsheep heavyweight wool socks (terry loop), lightweight finnsheep wool socks, finnsheep milk soaps and USDA packaged all natural finnsheep lamb meat from our farm for sale at the festival. In addition, you will also find real Maple Syrup, our signature lockspun handmade art yarns, hand dyed yarns (including 100% silk), as well as, raw honey from the farm hives and maple syrup.
This year our farm is proud to be featured by Kristy Glass Knits and Spinolution spinning wheels. Back for 2019 are our signature unicorn sparkle drop spindles which you can only find at Point of View Farm. Complete Farm Products and uber local. Food